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From Palmer & Partners we guarantee the best professional legal advice, either as a result of our experience or as a recomendation and coordination with  the best professionals in the sector.

Our advice in real estate law, stands out for its professional specialization in the various legal matters that converge in this type of transactions and the deep knowledge of the practices of the sector allow us to provide advice in the different areas of the real estate activity: property purchase and sale and real estate companies, leases, promotion and construction contracts, real estate financing and legal configuration of large properties.

We have extensive experience in negotiation of promotion contracts, delegated promotion, Project Management and other contracts related to real estate development, construction contracts and "turnkey" contracts, contracts with architects, engineers and other technicians involved in the process of construction, purchase agreements on a plan, with other real estate agents, etc.

We take care of the coordination with a team of lawyers specialized in the legal aspects of all types of real estate with specific knowledge of the legal aspects to be considered in their sale or acquisition, as well as in the financing of real estate projects and constitution of guarantees.

This team also advises on compliance with the regulations applicable to the sale of homes by developers. Likewise, they are specialists in advising on legal structures to undertake real estate promotion processes: risk analysis, tax optimization, etc.

Professional legal assistance

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Somos la empresa de referencia en el mercado inmobiliario residencial y rural en el Este & Norte de Mallorca, en venta y alquiler, contando con más de 20 años de experiencia ofreciendo a nuestros clientes el mejor servicio. Proporcionamos un servicio personalizado con el máximo compromiso, transparencia, discreción, profesionalidad y atención exclusiva.