Tranquility as added value.

From Palmer & Partners we take care of the best insurance management for your needs, if you wish.

Home insurance allows homeowners for habitual residence, holiday homes, rental homes and even caravans to protect their property. In this way, and according to the needs of your family or your home, you can opt for the different coverage of home insurance that best suits your needs.

The different options range from basic benefits (theft, fire, civil liability ...), family benefits (water damage, glass breakage, theft in the home, aesthetic damage, home assistance, travel assistance, jewelry and legal defense) or even the most complete product (All Accidental Risk).

All this, with the best features (Home assistance, computer assistance, etc).

Professional legal assistance
Professional legal assistance with complete processing
Insurance for properties, vehicles, personal, pets, etc.
Financial service
Personal assistance in financial matters

about us

We are the reference company in the residential and rural real estate market in the East & North of Mallorca, for sale and rent, with more than 20 years of experience offering our clients the best service. We provide a personalised service with maximum commitment, transparency, discretion, professionalism and exclusive attention.